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to the Hofman-Bang  Family website! The purpose of this site is to document the history and events of the Hofman-Bang family, its members and other connected families. 
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- Swedish family from Västergötland, western part of Sweden.
The oldest known ancestor is Gustaf Andersson, a farmer in Molla village in the Älvsborg county who lived in the 1500s. His son-son-son was the vicar in Od parish Olaus Andreæ Rhyzelius (1640-1714). The son of this man was the bishop in Linköping diocese Andreas Olai Rhyzelius (1677-1761) who had five children, three sons and two daughters. All children were enobled on behalf of his fathers efforts in the year of 1751 at the Royal Castle in Stockholm by the King Adolf Fredrik and given the name Odencrants based on the name of the village of his birth. However, the noble letter was not signed until 1771 in Stockholm by King Gustav III. The three sons, Thomas (1723-1773) who himself initiated his family line in 1773, Mathias (1730-1796 who himself initiated his family line on the male line 1796 and Johan (1737-1804), from which the now living ancestors are connected to, was introduced in 1752 under the number 1947. The main line of the family is living in the USA but no furhter information is at hand. The members of the family call themselves Odenkrantz. The family is connected to the noble family Odelstierna on the female side. Source: Sveriges Adelskalender 2007, page 559.


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