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to the Hofman-Bang  Family website! The purpose of this site is to document the history and events of the Hofman-Bang family, its members and other connected families. 
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Hofmansgave - Facts

 Name of the estate



 Hofmansgavevej 27, 5450 Otterup





 Amt / commune



 1100 hectar

 Current owner

 The Hofmansgave Foundation (Stiftelsen Hofmansgave)

 Website  http://www.hofmansgave.dk

 Past owners


 1951 - 1951

 Inger Hofman-Bang, Ebba Hofman-Bang, Ellen Hofman-Bang

 1934 - 1951

 Niels Oluf de Hofman-Bang

 1929 - 1934

 Charlotte Louise Carlsdatter Müller married Hofman-Bang

 1886 - 1929

 Niels Erik Hofman-Bang

 1855 - 1886

 Niels Erik Hofman-Bang

 1785 - 1855

 Niels Hofman-Bang

 1783 - 1785

 Niels de Hofman



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