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to the Hofman-Bang  Family website! The purpose of this site is to document the history and events of the Hofman-Bang family, its members and other connected families. 
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Taarupgaard - Story

Taarupgaard is a manor house situated in Hjarbæk Fjord in Tårup sogn, Fjends herred in Viborg commune. The main building was erected in 1580-1582. It consists of a main house built in monestary binding and two wings built in half-timbering. In the time of Christian I, the estate was owned by Niels Kaas who was for a long time High Court Judge in Northern Jutland and a member of the council of state. When he died in 1471, the manor was inherited by his son Jens Kaas who was owner of Votborg on Mors. His son Niels Kaas who also was the owner of several other estates including Skovsgaard and Kurgaard which he had purchased from the King. Niels Kaas never married and he died 1594. Taarupgaard was passed to the sons of his brother Erik Kaas, one of them Gjord Kaas. In 1601, he had to flee the country and the estate was taken over by his brother Niels Kaas of
Birkelse. But already in 1602, it was sold to a brother-in-law, Preben Bild of Aggersborg. He died shortly thereafter and his widow Anne Kaas and their only child Vibeke (who married Erik Rantzau who died in 1627), kept the estate for a number of years. In fact, the property was integrated with a couple of other manor houses nearby. Anne Kaas lived until 1643. Taarupgaard was purchased by the widow of Iver Juul, Ingeborg Parsberg who died in 1665. Her son Tønne Juul inherited the esated. He preferred to travel abroad, to France and the Netherlands to study like many other noble men of his time. However, he returned to Taarupgaard and he married Anne Cathrine Friis of Engestofte. Tønne Juul passed away in 1684 and his wife in 1698, without having produced any children. They are both buried in Tårup church. They had set up a foundation in 1681 which stipulated that the estate should be managed by a Friis or Juul family member. However, the Friis branch died out in 1727 and therefore the Juuls ruled the manor. In 1806, the foundation was sold to Erik Christian Müller. In the following years, Taarupgaard was managed by a number of farmers (proprietærer) including the father of Ove Malling - Peder Pedersen Malling (1717-1779).

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