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Ove Malling

Painting by Lars Hofman-Bang, ca. 1960
Ove Malling
was born 10 December 1747 on the Taarupgaard estate near Viborg, a son of mayor and estate owner Peder Pedersen Malling (1717-1779) and his wife Charlotte Hylleborg Storm (1727-1801). Ove Malling married Christiane Beck (1761-1834) in 1781, a daughter of Jens Michelsen Beck (1721-1791), a plantation owner in the Danish West Indies. Ove Malling died in Copenhagen on 17 November 1829. He is buried in Gentofte church.

Malling goes down in history as an historian and civil servant. In 1777 he produced, on a request by the famous author Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, Store og Gode Handlinger of Danske, Norske og Holsternere. This book was meant as a teaching aid in the latin schools since Danish and domestic history had been erased in 1775. The work depicts in a classical but yet patriotic vein the virtues and achievements of the ancestors with the purpose to inspire the leading men of the middle-class and civil servants. Up until 1855, the book had been re-printed 8 times and was even re-published as late as 1992.

Ove Malling held several key positions in the public administration and was selected as prime minister in the Gehejmestatsrådet in 1824. Ove Malling's daughter Charlotte Malling (1786-1879), married
Niels Hofman (Bang) in 1802.

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