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to the Hofman-Bang  Family website! The purpose of this site is to document the history and events of the Hofman-Bang family, its members and other connected families. 
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Ref. Note Name Place of birth Comments Date Born Date Died Father Isabelle Iben Thora
. . 09-MAY-1962 .
0. Married in 1988 to Serafin Faria Da Fonte Portugal Marriage ended later 11-NOV-1961 . 1. child Alexandre Faria Da Fonte Arles, France . 13-APR-1989 . 2. child Katia Ann Faria Da Fonte Arles, France . 11-DEC-1990 . 3. child Leo Nouvet Saint Etienne . 12-AUG-2000 .
0. Common-law marriage Guy Bernard Nouvet . . 18-FEB-1961 .

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