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to the Hofman-Bang  Family website! The purpose of this site is to document the history and events of the Hofman-Bang family, its members and other connected families. 
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Slaegten Hofman-Bang

This booklet was published in 1986 by Prof. Niels Hofman-Bang and Dr. Erik Hofman-Bang and was used as the initial material for setting up this website in late 1999. But more importantly, the purpose of the book was to celebrate that 200 years had lapsed since the establishment of the family estate Hofmansgave in 1784. In that year, Chief Administrative Officer Niels de Hofman had decided to set up the estate for the benefit of this sisters daughters son Niels Bang on the condition that he assumed the name Hofman and arms. Due to these unique circumstances, Niels Bang later decided to include his former name in brackets in his surname, resulting in the combination Hofman (Bang). Even up until the late 1950s, there were still members of the family who wrote their names in this way. But in this family tree booklet, they are all referred to as Hofman-Bang. The other purpose of this booklet was to mark the 25th anniversary of the date when the Hofmansgave property became the self-supporting institution Hofmansgave for the benefit of cultivating agricultural developments. Considering the above two anniversaries, and the fact that Hofmansgave no longer belonges to the family, a thought arose to produce a family tree which should include all desendants of the first owner of Hofmansgave,
Niels Hofman-Bang. The result is found in this booklet and the majority of its content now resides on this website.


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