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Ref. Note Name Location of birth Comments Profile Date Born Date Died
G11 Mother Mathias de Hoffman Aabjerg Tradesman in Aalborg . 20-OCT-1782 23-MAR-1829
in Aalborg
0. Married 06-JUN-1810 in Budolphi, Aalborg to Charlotte Katrine Deichmann . Daughter of tradesman Henrik Deichmann of Aalborg (1747-1797) and Barbara Agnete Ayerbeck . 23-DEC-1788 02-JUN-1823
in Aalborg
H1 1. child Annette Elisabeth de Hoffman Aalborg Married to Paul Pagh (1796-1870). . 05-NOV-1810 09-SEP-1883
in Aalborg
H2 2. child Ernestine Henriette de Hoffman Aalborg Married to Jens Christian Christiansen (1796-1860). . 10-APR-1812 15-JUL-1853
in Copenhagen
H3 3. child Laurette Regitze de Hoffman Aalborg Married to Julius Frederik Christian Emil Wilkens (1812-1892). . 17-FEB-1814 21-FEB-1814
in Copenhagen
H4 4. child Nicolette Brodera de Hoffman Aalborg Married to Jens Peter Böggild (1815-1846) - no children . 16-NOV-1816 24-FEB-1874
in Aalborg
H5 5. child Jenny Mathilde de Hoffman Aalborg . . 03-JUL-1818 29-MAR-1845
in Copenhagen
H6 6. child Petrine Christiane de Hofman Aalborg . . 26-FEB-1821 02-AUG-1899
in Hornstet
H7 7. child Charlotte Cathrine de Hoffman Aalborg Married to Balthasar Christopher Böggild (1816-1892) on 19-JUL-1846 . 27-MAY-1823 16-SEP-1898
in Copenhagen


Source and ref.no. from "Chronik de Hoffman - 10-Sep-1996"

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