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Sören Nielsen Hofman

Sören Nielsen Hofman
Sören Nielsen Hofman was born 6 April 1600 in Randers. At a very early age, he took up both reading and writing, encouraged by his father, Niels Jacobsen. He was sent to the Latin School in 1605. 

In 1616 he came to the school in Haderslev
 and in 1619 he took off to Jena in Germany. In 1622 he went to France and Holland. In 1624 his father, Niels Jacobsen had died and he returned home. Again, in 1628 he went abroad and traveled to Scotland, England and France. The following year he went to Padua in Italy to continue his medical studies and returned to Randers in 1631. 

In 1634, he traveled to Basel together with his brother Peder Lasson and two years later, in 1636, he obtained his Doctor.Med. exam at the University of Basel. The same year, Peder Lasson obtained his Licentiatus Juris exam from the same institution. 

He became a very celebrated medical doctor in Randers and attended to the wounds of 
King Christian IV at the seabattle close to Kolberger Heide in 1644. In the early hours of 31 March 1649, he died abruptly. 

He married Gertrud Pedersdatter, a daughter of Peder Thögersen, who died in the spring of 1658 in Copehagen. Together with her he had a total of five children, Sören (died 1664), 
Marie (married to Jens Foss), Niels (married to Kirstine Trane), Peder (married to Margrete Brokman and Johanne Hemmer), Thöger (married to Karen Hemmer). 

Sören Hofman is buried in the Helliggeist Church in Copenhagen.


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