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Ref. Note Name City of birth Comments Profile Date Born Date Died
0. Father Emil
Anton de Hoffman
Toftlund . . 05-MAY-1882 11-MAY-1957
0. Married 03-JUL-1915 in Neumunster to Amanda Wihelmine Carstens Rehm . . 13-MAR-1893


0. 1. child Liselene
de Hoffman
Toftlund Married to Paul Wilhelm Oberg from Rendsburg (1913-) . 24-SEP-1919 .
0. 2. child Ernst Carsten
de Hoffmann
Toftlund Died in combat at the battle of Welikije Luki, Russia . 13-JUL-1921 24-JAN-1943
0. 3. child Walter Helmut
de Hoffman
Toftlund Died in combat at the Bruckenkopf by Memel (now Klaipeda, Lithuania) . 06-NOV-1922 07-NOV-1944
0. 4. child Karen Elisabeth de Hoffman Keitum, Sylt . . 02-JAN-1930 04-JUN-1979


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