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Swedish family from Västergötland, western part of Sweden. The oldest known ancestor is the vicar in Örby parish near Gothenburg, dean Laurententius Laurentii who lived at least until 1593.
His son-son was Ericus Haquini Odhelius, professor in theology at the University of Uppsala. He assumed the family name based on the location of his birth, Od - a small village between the cities of Falköping and Borås (earlier Odh). His son, judge Erich Odhelius (1661-1704) was enobled 4th of May 1698 by King Charles XII and introduced with the name Odelstierna 21st of March 1699 at the Noble House in Stockholm (Riddarhuset) as family no. 1362. The family is connected to the noble family of Odencrants no.1947 on the distaff (female) side. Brita Odelstierna married Erik Hofman-Bang in 1938.


  L. Laurentii XXXX-1593
  E.H. Odhelius 1620-1666
  E. Odhelius 1661-1704
  E. Odelstierna 1696-1736
  E. Odelstierna 1723-1805
  D. Odelstierna 1777-1855
  E. Odelstierna 1853-1933



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