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Ref. Note Name Place of birth Comments Profile Date Born Date Died
0. Father

Claus Bang Utterslev Customs Officer and Captain in Nyborg     Picture 04-OCT-1740 21-DEC-1805
0. 1. Married 02-JUN-1775  to Erica Pontoppidan Vejle Daughter of Prokansler Dr. theol. Erik Pontoppidan . 01-AUG-1750 06-JUN-1778
0. 1. child Niels Hofman (Bang) Vejle .


08-JUN-1776 05-MAR-1855
0. 2. child Johan Erik Bang Vejle Drowned in Kanalen on his way home from the West-Indies . 14-MAY-1777 12-MAR-1794
0. 3. child Claus Christian Bang Vejle Lawyer . 24-MAY-1778 20-APR-1855
0. 2. Married 04-JUN-1779 to Pallene Urne Rosenvinge Fredericia
Indslev Church
. 09-MAY-1755
0. 4. child Nicoline Anna Christine Bang Viborg Died on Hofmansgave . 14-MAR-1780 08-APR-1849
0. 5. child Erika Bang Nyborg . . 12-MAR-1781 02-APR-1781
0. 6. child Hans Vilhelm Bang Nyborg Tenant on the Hjortholm estate, Seeland . 21-JUN-1782


Hjortholm, Seeland

0. 7. child Erika Marie Elisabeth Bang Viborg Married to Thomas Bodom . 19-MAY-1783 04-OCT-1825
0. 8. child (A boy with no name) . Died at birth . 10-NOV-1784 10-NOV-1784
0. 9. child Christian Frederik Giersdorf Bang Nyborg Owner of the estate Stensbæk at Hjørring . 15-NOV-1785 12-DEC-1859
in Aalborg
0. 10. child Thomas Wellejus Bang Nyborg . . 30-JUN-1787 19-MAR-1839
0. 11. child Palle Urne Bang Nyborg Spent time in the Danish West Indies, owner of Lyngbygaard, Manager at Kokkedal,
. 12-JAN-1789 19-NOV-1860
0. 12. child Claudine Bang Nyborg . . 16-DEC-1789 04-MAR-1838
0. 13. child Carl
Nyborg . . 14-MAR-1791 XX-XXX-1827



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