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Ref. Note Name City of birth Comments Profile Date Born Date Died
0. Father Adolf Sörensen de Hoffman Keitum, Sylt . . 09-OCT-1847 26-FEB-1936
in Keitum
0. Married 19-NOV-1869 to Marie Christine Jepsen . . . 08-SEP-1843 18-FEB-1931
in Keitum
0. 1. child Ernst Mathias de Hoffman Keitum, Sylt Lived in Blue Earth, Minnesota, USA in 1930 . 29-MAY-1870 11-OCT-1959
0. 2. child Jens Ingver de Hoffman Keitum, Sylt . . 28-AUG-1871 XX-XXX-XXXX
0. 3. child Alma Ingeline de Hoffman Keitum, Sylt Un-married . 11-MAY-1875 30-DEC-1896
0. 4. child Lorenz de Hoffmann Keitum, Sylt . . 02-AUG-1876 20-MAR-1959
0. 5. child Line de Hoffman Keitum, Sylt Married to Ingwer Jacobs, farmer in Albion, Mondosino, CA., USA . 23-JAN-1879 XX-XXX-XXXX
0. 6. child Alfred de Hoffmann Keitum, Sylt . . 11-JAN-1881 18-FEB-1946
0. 7. child Botilde Regine de Hoffman Keitum, Sylt . . 01-SEP-1882 29-MAR-1926

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