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Thomas Hofman-Bang

Thomas Bodum Hofman-Bang was born 9 July 1843 on Hofmansgave, the son of Ove Malling Hofman-Bang (1808-1868). Thomas Bodum Hofman-Bang was thoroughly trained and educated in order to continue to be responsible for the sheep-breeding activities in Sweden his uncle Niels Erik Hofman-Bang had begun already in 1834. Another uncle of his - Jacob Aall Hofman-Bang - also had this duty.


All together, the Hofman-Bang's were responsible for the sheep-breeding in Sweden for a total of 86 years. The work of Thomas Bodum Hofman-Bang mainly consisted of inspections and evaluations of sheep-stocks in addition to acting as a general consultant. He was a true authority in his field and contributed to the setting of quality standards on different wool types. For many years he travelled all over Sweden, visiting estates, farms and exhibitions where he was a well-known and appreciated craftsman.

He had married Nielsine Kristine Nielsen (1849-1937) on 26 September 1871 and the couple had two children, Lars Vilhelm Hofman-Bang (1873-1946) and Ellen Margrethe Hofman-Bang (1878-1966). Thomas Bodum Hofman-Bang died in Höör on 27 February 1930. He is buried at the town cementery.

   View picture of Thomas Bodum and his wife Nielsine Kristine

   View picture of the house where T.B. Hofman-Bang lived in Tjörnarp, Skåne

   View picture of Thomas Hofman-Bang ca. 1930
   View picture of Nielsine Hofman-Bang ca. 1930

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