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Advertisement for Lanchester motorcar

The picture on the left shows a sales advertisement for Lanchester motorcars in Svenska Dagbladet, 9 February 1913. Vilhelm Hofman-Bang imported the Lanchester cars into Sweden and later to Russia. But the first world-war put a stop for further expansion. He drove a Lanchester in the KAK 1913 Winter Rally. This motorcar had  25.6 HP and was equipped with a very unique gearbox which made it possible to easily shift between first and second gear. British automobile and aeronautics pioneer Lanchester produced the first British automobile, a one-cylinder, five-horsepower model, in 1896. After he successfully produced improved models, financial backing enabled him to produce several hundred cars over the next few years, vehicles notable for a relative freedom from vibration, a graceful appearance, and a luggage rack. He published an important paper (1897) on the principles of heavier-than-air flight, and later major texts on aeronautics.
The Lanchester 6-Cyl. 40HP Chassis Lanchester Awards The Lanchester 4-Cyl. 25/45



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