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to the Hofman-Bang  Family website! The purpose of this site is to document the history and events of the Hofman-Bang family, its members and other connected families. 
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An estate (herregård) in Denmark is a larger farm covering 24 tønder hartkorn (a unit of land valuation) or
more which belonged to a noble person. Later on, it came to signify a manor house to which there was a
farming activity attached. The name originates from the fact that the owners were herremænd, men that had
made a pledge to perform war duties for a master, generally the King. After the middle ages the term adel
(nobility) came into use for this group of people in the society. In this section, estates and manor houses
with a family connection are described. The work to document these properties is ongoing and pictures and
stories will be added when available. See map of estates here.


 Name of the estate

 Connected to

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 de Hofman, Jens



 de Hofman, Hans



 de Hofman, Nils



 Hofman, Thöger



 de Hofmann, Karen E.



 Hofman, Gertrud


 Langholt  Halchuus de Hofman, Ernst  No


 Hofman, Karen Marie



 Nielsen, Jakob (Jacobsen)


 Bidstrup  Hofman, Gertrud  26-OCT-2009
 Astrup  Malling, Peder  No
 Taarupgaard  Malling, Peder Pedersen  No
Main source to the information on estates is "Danske Slotte og Herrgårde", Second Edition, Hassings Forlag,
Copenhagen, 1963. Thanks to Flemming Vestmark for corrections to individual estate data (28-DEC-2011).

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