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to the Hofman-Bang  Family website! The purpose of this site is to document the history and events of the Hofman-Bang family, its members and other connected families. 
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Hofmansgave owners


1483-1510 Anders Drage

1510-1588 Various owners
1588-1610 Fredrik Qvitzow
1610-1656 Jörgen Qvitzow
1656-1677 Birgitte Gjöe married Qvitzow
1677-1683 Erik Qvitzow
1683- Christian von Pappenheim
1683- Anna Margrethe Eriksdatter Qvitzow married von Pappenheim
1683-1695 Jens Rosenkrantz
1695-1697 Beate Sehested married Rosenkrantz
1697-1718 Jörgen Jensen Rosenkrantz
1718-1735 Johan Frederik Böttiger
1735-1742 Constance Johansdatter Böttiger
1742-1745 Christen Nöragger
1745-1754 Sören Lund
1754-1759 Mikkel Lange
1759- Fru Lange
1759-1760 Christian Mikkelsen Lange
1760-1771 Johan D. Mikkelsen Lange  
1771-1780 Niels Kragh Mikkelsen Lange  
1780-1783 Johan Frederik von Bardenfleth  
1783-1785 Niels de Hofman  
1785-1801 Claus Bang (administrator)  
1801-1855 Niels Hofman (Bang)  
1855-1886 Niels Erik Hofman-Bang  
1886-1927 Niels Erik Hofman-Bang  
1927-1951 Niels Oluf Hofman-Bang  
1951- Hofmansgave Foundation  

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