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Et rastlöst vaekkende..

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"Et Rastlöst Vaekkende Liv". The title of this book would translate to "A Restless Passionate Life" in English and is the first book in the triology consisting of "Breveksling" and the book about the agronomic institute at Hofmansgave -"Det landøkonomiske institut på Hofmansgave 1845-1857", all three written by Johannes Wendt-Larsen. The book, issued in 1998, is a biography of county rural dean Peter Wilhelm Lütken who was a well-known figure in the cultural and church-related circles on the island of Funen in Denmark during the later part of the 1700 and into the 1800s. Besides being the vicar in the town of Lumby during a total of 56 years, he was also the first and only county rural dean in Odense county in 1806-1844. In this unique capacity, he was engaged in educational matters as well as caring for the poor. Furthermore, he involved himself in the public debate and the society in general. In the vein, he was active in the support of the needleworkers within the Funen Patriotic Society and founder or co-founder of many other societies. In this book, the author has put together notes by  Lütken not previously published anywhere. It covers the period 1795-1808 and gives a good picture of the his life and activies as a vicar in the county of Lumby, a position he held during the years 1791-1844. During his many-faced lifetime, he came in contact with the first owner of Hofmansgave,
Niels Hofman (Bang). This relationship is described in the book "Breveksling".  This book can be ordered directly from the author:  Johannes Wendt-Larsen, Engdraget 12 Næsby, 5270 Odense N., Danmark or via mail to: wendt-larsen@mail.tele.dk.  The price is DKR 80.- + shipping.


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