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Ove Hofman-Bang

Ove Malling Hofman-Bang was born 8 January 1808, the son of Niels Hofman (Bang) (1776-1855). He married Mathea Urne Bodum (1810-1891) on 10 February 1841 and they had five children; Niels Hofman-Bang (1842-1910), Thomas Bodum Hofman-Bang (1843-1930), Charlotte Erica Hofman-Bang (1845-1932), Louise Nicoline Hofman-Bang (1846-1912) and Johannes Hofman-Bang (1849-1856).

Ove Malling Hofman-Bang was a clergyman in the town of Lunde on Funen. He and his wife were cousins; Mathea Urne Bodum was daughther of clergyman Thomas Bodum from Norway who had married Erika Marie Elisabeth Bang, a daughter of Captain Claus Bang (1740-1805) and Pallene Urne Rosenvinge (1755-1812). 

Their oldest son was Niels Hofman (Bang), father of Ove Malling Hofman-Bang and the first owner of the family estate Hofmansgave.

Ove Malling Hofman-Bang died on 29 January 1868.

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