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1.5. J.A. Hofman-Bang

Ref. Note Name Place of birth Comments Profile Date Born Date Died
1.5. Father Jacob Aall Hofman-Bang Copenhagen Farmer, land surveyor, tennant on many estates, last on Hofmansgave    Picture 13-FEB-1810 25-JUN-1887
0. Married 07-NOV-1846 Caroline Emilie Giersing Førslev Daughter of Charlotte Frederikke Malling and Niels Giersing . 02-DEC-1820 08-FEB-1894
1.5.1. 1.  child Charlotte Frederikke Hofman-Bang Aggersvold Estate . . 02-DEC-1847 12-APR-1916
1.5.2. 2.   child Niels Emil Hofman-Bang . Died on Cuba . 07-MAR-1849 17-OCT-1867
1.5.3. 3.   child Carl August Hofman-Bang Svenstrup Estate . . 07-APR-1850 02-SEP-1904
1.5.4. 4.   child Erik Herman Hofman-Bang Svenstrup
. . 21-MAR-1852 23-JUL-1906
1.5.5. 5.   child Peder Hofman-Bang . . . 28-SEP-1854 26-JUL-1934
1.5.6. 6.   child Ove Hofman-Bang . . . 04-DEC-1856 01-DEC-1921
1.5.7. 7.   child Fredrik Julius Pedro Hofman-Bang Hofmansgave Forester at the Broholm estate, Fyn. Married to Maren Lang (1879-1932). No children. . 09-JUN-1863 01-JUL-1927

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