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Ref. Note Name City of birth Comments Profile Date Born Date Died
0. Father Poul Anton Jacobsen Hoffmann Copenhagen Founded American branch of the clan. Vegetarian, naturopath. Died in New York, N.Y. . 30-SEP-1894 20-NOV-1965
0. Married 1. in 1919 to Elsie Boote Bambury Brighton, England They married in California. . 14-FEB-1898 XX-XXX-XXXX
0. 1. child Antonette Pilgrim Hoffman . Married to Frank Sutherland, 4 children . 24-NOV-1932 31-JUL-2012
New Mexico
0. Married 2. to Maria Krotoff Bushallow
. .

Poul met her in California in 1935, a daughter of Philip Bushallow and Tekla. She was born in Meadville, PA and died in New York

XX-XXX-1909 06-SEP-1973
0. 1. child Lenina Alexandra Hoffmann . Married to Gillis Gervais, 2 children . XX-XXX-1938 .
0. 2. child Russlan Dania Hoffmann . Married 1. to Marie Lonchar, 2. Nancy Pier . 19-JUL-1941 .
0. 3. child Poul Anthony du Hoffmann . . . 16-JUN-1943 .
0. 3. child Vadim Emanuel Hoffmann . Married to Debra, 2 children (Andrew Charles Hoffmann and Debra Hoffmann). . 30-OCT-1945 07-JAN-2009
0. 4. child Jonathan Kem Ephrim duHoffmann . . . 16-OCT-1950 .



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