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Vilhelm Hofman-Bang

Lars Vilhelm Hofman-Bang was born 24 August 1873 in Botilsäter, county of Värmland in Sweden, a son of  Thomas Bodum Hofman-Bang (1843-1930). He worked as an apprentice at the Hjorten pharmacy in Lund 1890. He He took his pharmacist exam in 1897. He worked at the Örnen pharmacy in Stockholm 1897-1899 and at the Nordstjärnan pharmacy 1899-1904. During 1904 to 1906 he was employed at the pharmacy in Älvkarleby, north of Stockholm followed by a period at the Enhörningen pharmacy in Gothenburg. from 1906.

He married Alma Maria Andersson (1873-1948) on
14 September 1908. They had previously been engaged for eight years. Alma Andersson was bookkeeper at the Nordstjärnan pharmacy in central Stockholm where they met. She insisted that before getting married, she had to have a proper job and therefore she traveled to Vienna, Austria where she was trained to run a professional Wiener Café. In 1904, she opened Wienerkonditoriet at Biblioteksgatan in Stockholm.

Besides being a pharmacist, Lars Vilhelm Hofman-Bang was also an adventurer and businessman. He was scheduled to participate in the ill-fated air balloon expedtion to the North Pole administrated by S.A. André in 1897 but had to cancel it due to illness. The expedition failed and ended with the death of all three participants. As a businessman, he imported the British motorcar Lanchester to Sweden and to Russia. As a keen driver of
motorcars, he participated in the KAK 1913 Winter Rally between Stockholm-Gothenburg and back, driving a 25.6-hp Lanchester. In 1932, Lars Vilhelm Hofman-Bang received privilege to run the Gasellen pharmacy in Aspudden in Stockholm. After having lived in several different apartments in the Östermalm area of Stockholm, the family moved to Djursholm in 1939 (Midgårdsvägen 18). He passed away on 7 July 1946. His wife Alma died two years later on 15 August 1948. His sons are Tore Hofman-Bang (1910-2007), Lars Hofman-Bang (1910-2004) and Erik Hofman-Bang (1912-2000). View pictures of Lars Vilhelm in 1946.

Residences of Lars Vilhelm Address
1897 - 1901 Karlbergsvägen 10, Stockholm
1901 - 1904 Humlegårdsgatan 2, Stockholm
1909 - 1913 Birger Jarslgatan 11
1913 - 1915 Nybrogatan 9, Stockholm
1916 - 1925 Stockholmvägen 53, Stocksund
1925 - 1939 Sibyllegatan 18, Stockholm
1939 - 1946 Midgårdsvägen 18, Djursholm

   Picture - Sibyllegatan 18, Stockholm

   Picknick around 1909

   Going for a drive - Mellbystrand 1920

   Summer home - Hästede

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