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The Coat of Arms

The de Hofman coat of arms is blue with a red- and silver coloured chevron surrounded by three golden balls. On the shield rests a crowned helmet, decorated by two armoured arms holding a golden ball. On the right hand side of the shield is a dragon and on the left hand side an eagle which has a golden ball around the neck. These arms were adopted by Sören de Hofman - Administrator of Justice and owner of the estate Skerrildgaard - on 29 January 1749, when he was elevated into the Danish nobility. The noble arm of this branch died out when Sören de Hofman's oldest son Hans de Hofman died in 1793. He had been appointed Hvid Ridder (White Knight) on 01-May-1782 and the crest was placed in the chapel of Frederiksborgs castle, situated in Hilleröd, ca. 30 km northwest of Copenhagen.

The de Hofman coat of arms was assumed by Ernst Halchuus of Aabjerg (1743-1806) when he was enobled on 15-Nov-1780. The nobility was also granted to children of his late brother Christian Georg Halchuus of Langholt (died in 1767). Ernst Halchuus was married to Karen Elisabeth de Hofman (1747-1821) , a daughter of Jens de Hofman of Kaas (1716-1785). Descendants of Ernst Halchuus now lives in Schleswig, Germany (Hoffmann) and in North America (duHoffmann).


The de Hofman coat of arms




de Hofman coat of arms












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