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Kaas - Story

On a small peninsula opposite from the island of Jegindoe and Tyholm in Sallingland, lies the old manor Kaas. This manor is considered one of the oldest in the land and has been owned by a number of important noble families. However, it never developed into a large and respected estate. During Christian IV's time, it received its present main building which is still standing. There is no spectacular garden or park surrounding the manor, nor an elegant avenue of trees leading onto to it. In the first years, the manor was owned by the Kaas family, then by Jens Hvas who owned several estates such as Sostrup and Rolsegaard. He was later executed for treason against the state in 1536. His estates were then taken over by his widow Gertrud Andersdatter Munk (died 1541) and sons Just and Kristen. The latter received Kaas but both sons died without having produced any heirs. The state took over Kaas in 1571 but later handed it over to a relative of the Kaas brothers, Inger Gundesdatter. Her son Jens Mikkelsen then took over and assumed the family name Hvas. He died in 1602 and his son Kristoffer Hvas. He already had another estate (Hennegaard) and sold Kaas to Niels Krag of Trudsholm in 1630. This man was highly respected and had been in diplomatic services and a county judge. During his reign, the main building was erected. Niels Krag died in 1650. His son Mogens Krag was the next owner. Both him and his second wife died in 1676 and left behind a number of young children. Due to their age, they could not sell the manor until 1694. Kaas was bought by Kristoffer Bartholin who also owned a few other manors in the area. He died in 1733 when Kaas was taken over by his son Kasper Kristoffer Bartholin. This man then sold Kaas to
Jens de Hofman in 1745 who kept the manor until 1769 when he sold it to his son-in-law Mattias Peter Wandborg for 24,000 Rdl. The manor then changed owner many times and was finally sold to a consortium in 1918. The estate is now owned by the Faerch family. 

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