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Ref. Note Name City of birth Comments Profile Date Born Date Died
0. Husband Margrete Lauridsdatter
Udsen (Udzon)
Overgaard . . XX-XXX-1572
or 1575 ?
She was a daughter of Christopher Lauridsen Udsen and Margrete Vestenie. Christopher Lauridsen Udsen belonged to one of the oldest noble families in Denmark. He was murdered in Aarhus by his brother in-law, Erik Vestenie 29-JUL-1580. She married Niels Jacobsen on 26-MAY-1592. Margrete Udzon is buried together with her three children in the church of Dover near Skandenborg.
0. 1.   child Karine Nielsdatter . Died as baby . XX-XXX-1594 03-JUL-1594
0. 2.   child Margrette Nielsdatter . Died as baby . XX-XXX-1595 17-DEC-1595
0. 3.   child Dorethe Nielsdatter . Died as baby . XX-XXX-1595 07-APR-1595

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Source: "Borgmester Niels Jacobsens Stambog- 1609" & "Fundationer Peder Lasson" (Tycho de Hofman, 1753)


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