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Ref. Note Name City of birth Comments Profile Date Born Date Died
0. Father Ernst Mathias de Hoffman Keitum, Sylt . . 11-JAN-1853 30-JUL-1929
in Toftlund
0. Married 18-OCT-1876 Anna Magdalene Grav Kappeln . . 03-JUL-1851 09-SEP-1908
in Toftlund
0. 1. child Ernst Mathias de Hoffmann . Prokurist . 11-JUL-1877 13-MAY-1965
0. 2. child Adolph Heinrich Julius de Hoffman . . . 24-FEB-1879 XX-XXX-XXXX
0. 3. child Christian de Hoffmann Toftlund Fuldmaegtig . 19-OCT-1880 08-APR-1975
0. 4. child Emil Anton de Hoffman Toftlund . . 05-MAY-1882 11-MAY-1957
0. 5. child Anna Dorothea de Hoffman Toftlund Married to Johan Olsen (1885-) . 22-JUL-1885 XX-XXX-XXXX
0. 6. child Dorothea de Hoffman . Unmarried . 17-NOV-1888 XX-XXX-XXXX



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