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Lars Hofman-Bang

Lidingö 6 July 2003Lars ("Lasse") Hofman-Bang passed away quietly on Saturday the 10th of July 2004 at 11:20 AM. He had been taken to Danderyds hospital north of Stockholm in the morning of Thursday the 8th of July after his kidneys had failed to function properly. This led to an outbreak of pnemonia which eventually caused his body to give in. All of his five children, some grandchildren and his twin-brother Tore managed to say their last goodbye to Lars before he died peacefully.
The son of
Lars Vilhelm and Alma Hofman-Bang, he was born on 4th of February 1910 in Stockholm. His grand-father Thomas Bodum Hofman-Bang, was born on the family estate Hofmansgave in 1843. Unlike his twin-brother and younger brother Erik, who both became doctors, Lars chose a different, more unconventional path for his life. Early on, he became interested in the arts, poetry and literature. His art studies took him to Paris and Mougins in the south of France just after World War II when he had finished his military duty on the island of Gotland. On his return to Stockholm in 1947, he took over the management of his mothers famous street café 'Wienerkonditoriet' in central Stockholm (which she had started in 1904) after she had passed away the same year. Despite not having an education in the line of restuarant business, he managed the café during the 1950's and early 1960's. He had married Ingegerd Malmeaus in 1947 and the newly-wed moved to a house in Äppelviken (Bromma). Here, their first child Barbro was born. In 1950 they purchased a large house at Burevägen 4 in Djursholm, north of Stockholm. Their second son, Vilhelm, and third child, Carl-Ove arrived in 1949 and 1951 respectively. In 1954, the twins Anna and Niels landed. In the early 1960's, Lars and Ingegerd took over the family summer house in Mellbystrand on the west coast of Sweden. In this summer paradise, Lars could cultivate his interest for gardening - especially roses - which he also did in Djursholm including the creation of ponds and waterfalls. All of the time, he continued to paint and also started an antique shop in the old town of Stockholm. In the summers, he and his twin brother Tore loved to visit the French Riviera, in particular Menton and Nice. In the late 1970s, Lars and Ingegerd sold their house at Burevägen and built a new house next to the old one. They later relocated to the island Lidingö outside of Stockholm where his wife Ingegerd died of cancer in 1991. Lars continued to be active until December of 2000 when he moved to a nursing home on Lidingö.

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  View picture of Lars and Tore in 1912

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