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af Sandeberg

The family originates from Västergötland in Western Sweden. The earliest ancestor was a farmer, Jonas Bengtsson from the village Sandhem (situated between Falköping  and Jönköping) in Börstigs parish, born in 1595. His son-son-son, David Sandberg (1726-1788) became director of the East-Indian trading company (Ostindiska kompaniet) and was enobled in

1722 with the name af Sandeberg. The family was introduced at the Noble House in 1776 with the number 2094. The orginal confirmation letter was destroyed in a fire but all the family documents are stored at the National Archives (Riksarkivet) in Stockholm. Jane af Sandeberg married Vilhelm Hofman-Bang in 1974. Source: Sveriges Adelskalender, 2007.



More information on the af Sandberg family can be found on www.afsandeberg.com

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