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The Andersson Sisters







         Hilda Carolina Andersson

         Alma Maria Andersson

        Wendela Elvira Andersson

Hilda Carolina (“Putter”) Andersson  was born 04-MAY-1869 in Skåne-Tranås. She moved to Stockholm like her younger sister Alma and got employed as  office clerk at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and later private secretary to Professor Gösta Mittag-Leffler in Djursholm. The sisters lived together in the same apartment in Stockholm. In 1917, she built a large estate named "Kullen" (The Hill) in Tällberg in the county of Dalarna. The property was later to become the now famous Green Hotel. But due to the financial crisis in 1922, she had to sell it with a great loss in 1927 to Lilly Wilhelmina Crawfoord (1873-1956), sister to Jakob Wallenberg. As a result, Hilda moved in with the Hofman-Bang family and remained with them until her death in 1946, age 77. She is buried in the Hofman-Bang family grave at Norra Kyrkogården in Solna outside Stockholm.

Alma Maria Andersson was born 22-FEB-1873 in Skåne-Tranås, a small village near the city of Tomelilla in south-western Skåne in Sweden.  Her father was Hans Andersson (1843-1936), married to Maria Nilsdotter. Hans Andersson owned and mangaged the local colouring factory. Alma was the second child in the family, her older sister was Hilda Karolina, nickname “Putter”. Her other siblings were Wendela (“Jeppa”) born in 1877, Carl Gustaf (“Gussi”) born in 1881 and Edward born in 1881. Sometime around the turn of the century, Alma decided to move to Stockholm. The story goes that she had previously traveled to Vienna to learn the trade of running a café business according to the Vienna tradition (“Wienerkonditori”). In late 1904 she opened her café at the corner of Biblioteksgatan and Mäster Samuelsgatan in downtown Stockholm where it is still located to this day, over 100 years later. On 24-OCT-1904 she is listed as living at Humlegårdsgatan 7, just a few blocks away from her café. Her occupation is noted as ‘office clerk’ in the official records of the city. How she raised the funds to start her business is not known but a considerable sum must have been required. In 1908, she married Lars Vilhelm Hofman-Bang. Alma died of cancer in 1948.

Vendela “Jeppa” Elvira Andersson, the younger sister of Alma was born 10-MAY-1877 in Skåne-Tranås. In 1905, she is listed as being a divorcee of tradesman'. She had married earlier Johannes Heüman. She became a Red Cross nurse in the German Army during World War I, working with the 1th Army on the eastern front-line. Wendela then lived her life at Östermalm in Stockholm, moving from one rented appartment to another. It is likely she worked at the Red Cross Hospital in Stockholm. In 1940, at age 63, she was re-married to Johan Gustaf Helge Strömbäck, born 21-MAR-1883. He was an accountant at the Central Bank in Stockholm. The couple lived at Nyängsvägen 34 in Äppelviken, Bromma, west of Stockholm. Wendela died on 26-JUN-1947 at Epidemisjukhuset, Roslagstull. Her husband died 27-AUG-1959. Source: Stockholms Stadsarkiv. See Picture.

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